Logline: A man struggling with his 9 year old daughter’s terminal sickness, understands the meaning of Happily Ever After from an advance Alzheimer's patient.


Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6rhmI3a380

Official Selection


Logline: A talented but vulnerable artist is forced to run one of the most innovative money counterfeiting schemes to ever hit the market.


Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc0lwHfXJXE


Logline: Sam Heughan (Outlander), stars in this riveting mystery where a man clings to every bit of his memory when his wife goes missing from a parking lot. This stylized film examines the depths of human emotions in a cutting edge thriller.


Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK1NmQba81E

Official Selection


Logline: Liya, a stunning nightclub singer engages in a battle of wits and deception with two lovers, Sonny the American and Luc the Frenchman, in a bid to escape a rapidly collapsing Cambodian capital under siege. All they have are three days in a city under siege        before the fall to - get out alive! Though in English, this film was Cambodia's entry for        2016 Oscars


Trailer: https://vimeo.com/134474251



LA Kidnapping (China): The daughter of the richest Chinese businessman in LA was kidnapped. Delger was embroiled in this kidnapping, after a series of clews were found, a huge secret was exposed.


Million Loves in Me (Hong Kong): This project was inspired by a true story and a headline case in Hong Kong. it is a story about a 45-year daughter with 15-year old of intellect who developed mental issues under the torture by her mother with mental problems.


Kaaya (India): Some secrets cannot be buried. A horror movie with an expected psychological twist


Rainbow Field (India) **WINNER**: Based on true events Rainbow Fields is set in the Indian state of Assam in the violent period of the  ‘80’s,  this film is about children growing up in violent places, witnessing  brutality around them and  how it affects them deeply, leaving  an indelible mark on their growth.


Grendel (South Korea): Through greed, man becomes a different being. If the price for your prosperity was another person's death, would you pay it?



Sensitive Men: Still reeling from emotionally charged romantic breakups, Bob and Mike are willing to try anything, even spirituality, to get their exes back.


Letter from Alcatraz: It is Christmas Eve Day, 1962 and a teenage girl living on Alcatraz Island runs the risk of losing one of her best friends: an inmate.


Willy:  A dark-comedy about an aging television star who plays folk songs for children


Nothing Like the Sun **WINNER**: Nothing Like the Sun is a short film about a vampire couple, together for over 200 years, who come to a crossroads in their marriage when the husband decides he wants to become human again.


Cheaters: A weak, middle-aged man must prevent his life from falling apart when he returns home with his mistress, only to discover that his wife has taken a sick day.


What Will You Do: When faced with the chance to get revenge for the one you love... Would you do it?


God of Foot Soldiers: A former Jihadi is captured and tortured by his foster father.



Paarda (UK): In the need of money, an Indian-Muslim girl sacrifices her religious morals when she starts working in a strip-club and is willing to do anything to keep it a secret.


Palyadawasi (India):A film, Palyadawasi, is based on the real fact of the hapless 'Paradhi' tribe in India that has been suffering from injustice by police and other elements of the society.


Maintenance Required (France) **WINNER**: A desert journey with a physiological twist


A Good Man (China): As a man fights to save his relationship, he discovers that being good is simply not enough.   (Trailer: https://vimeo.com/219441550)



Sucre (Brooklyn Hudson): After causing an accident that took the lives of his wife and infant son, a pastry chef is hell bent on self-destruction, until an unlikely friendship offers him a chance at redemption.


Prying Eyes (Jeff Hall): The employees of a small cable company stumble upon a serial killer when the hidden cameras that they illegally installed in their customer's cable boxes catch the murderer in action.


The Bigger Story (John Sparano) : Based on true events, 'The Bigger Story,' shows how an unlikely friendship between a geeky 13 year-old and a hot shot high school quarterback, impacts them both in ways they couldn't predict after the death of a beloved student.


Effulgent (Jacao Pence): How far would you go to prove you’re the smartest one in the room? A three day interrogation between a charismatic criminal and the unwavering detective who’s always been one step behind, tests their patients, sanity, and backbone.


Blue (Gabriela Ledesma): Blue is a light-hearted drama, and tells the story of Helen Daniels, a scrappy and sarcastic young woman in her twenties.


Nothing Like the Sun (Jonas Banks) **WINNER**: Screenplay based on the short film of same name, Nothing Like the Sun is the story of a vampire couple, together for over 200 years, who come to a crossroads in their marriage when the husband decides he wants to become human again.